An Ordinance Repealing and Recreating Section 8.11, Green Bay Municipal Code, Regarding Noxious Weeds and Maintenance of Vegetation

Natural/Edible Landscapes mimic the ecology of a natural forest. They are attractive, productive, diverse, food producing landscapes through the use of native plants, with flowing and nonlinear designs, perennials and seasonality.

The City of Green Bay has repealed and recreated Section 8.11 Green Bay Municipal Code regarding noxious weeds and vegetation. The new ordinance involves noxious weeds and maintenance of vegetation with the purpose to prohibit the uncontrolled growth of vegetation and to control noxious weeds, while permitting the planting and maintenance of planned natural landscaping that adds diversity and richness to the quality of life. It is in the public’s interest to encourage diverse landscaping treatments; particularly those that encourage the preservation, restoration and management of native plant communities which can be economical, low maintenance and effective in soil and water conservation.

 For more information:

APPROVED – 8 11 – Noxious Weeds and Unsightly Plant Growth

A PowerPoint Presentation regarding Natural Landscapes can be found here!


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Sustainable Green Bay will serve as a catalyst and resource to the Green Bay community to help its citizens, businesses, and government achieve a sustainable future. We will work together to proactively achieve a high quality of life by meeting the needs of people adn building a healthy and robust economy and environment.
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