Green Bay, Take a Step

In March 2011, the City of Green Bay won a national contest called “Paint Your City Green” hosted by Sherri May and Co., a marketing firm in Phoenix, Arizona.  The grand prize was a “Go Green” marketing campaign.  Throughout 2011, the City will be distributing brochures, posters, signs and even have billboards dedicated to the “going green” PSAs in efforts to encourage residents to think of the environment while also fattening their wallets!

The green campaign is called Green Bay, Take a Step.  The campaign will continue yearly as the nationwide Green City, Take A Step campaign.  For more information about the campaign and to learn how to be more green while saving green, visit the campaign website at  The campaign launches May 1, 2011, so check back for more details!

SMCO Paint Your City Green press release


One Response to Green Bay, Take a Step

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