Home Energy Audit Rebate Program

Home Energy Audit Rebate Program

In 2009, the City of Green Bay was awarded $1,003,000 in federal grant money to implement energy efficiency improvements at City facilities.  Green Bay was one of very few municipalities to pass along grant funds to the community.

The Home Energy Audit Rebate Program was launched in September 2010.  While funds last (or until summer 2012), residents may apply for up to $200 in rebates towards an energy audit. 

An energy audit takes about three hours, depending on the size of the home.  An energy audit consultant will come to your home, assess your mechanical systems (furnace, water heater, etc) and evaluate your building shell (ventilation, insulation, air leakage).  The consultant will provide a list of recommended improvements to help improve the comfort, safety and durability of your home.  Energy audits generally cost between $350 and $400.  However, as audits are conducted by private consultants, rates do vary.  The City provides all program participants with a list of qualified consultants in the Green Bay area.

To participate in the City’s program, residents must be pre-approved. Call City Hall to be pre-approved.  The only eligibility requirements for this program are:

1) must be a City resident

2) must be current on property taxes (no delinquencies or penalties)

After pre-approval, the City will provide you with a list of qualified consultants.  After your audit is completed, you must submit a paid receipt, the Preliminary Evaluation Report showing recommended improvements, and Step 2 of the application form to receive your first $100 rebate check.

You then have until July 23, 2012 to make two energy efficiency improvements to your home (i.e. insulation, exhaust fan, furnace).  After submitting your receipts, Step 3 of your application, and your Post-Evaluation Report, you will receive your second $100 rebate check.  Your energy audit consultant will return to your home FREE OF CHARGE to inspect the improvements made to assure you that the measures were taken appropriately to receive additional rebates and the expected savings on your energy bill.

Getting an energy audit gives you exclusive access to additional rebates on the improvements.  If you have an energy audit conducted, you can receive rebates like :

-$300 for Attic Insulation

-$600 for Sidewall Insulation

-$250 for a new water heater

-$400 for a new furnace

-$600 for a new boiler

Your energy audit consultant will fill out all improvements rebates paperwork for you, just look for your check in the mail!

Call Jennifer Pollitt, Chief of Staff, at (920) 448-3028 or Danny Mueller, Sustainability Assistant, at (920) 448-3028 to be pre-approved today!

Energy Audit Rebate Information

Home Energy Audit Rebate Program Brochure

Home Energy Audit Rebate Program Application

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a home energy audit cost?
A:  Most audits cost between $350 and $400.  Square footage of your home may affect the price.  Most out-of-town consultants do NOT charge an additional fee to come to Green Bay to conduct an audit.

Q: How long does a home energy audit take? Do I need to be home?
A: An audit usually takes about 2 or 3 hours, depending on the size of your home.  Consultants prefer that homeowners are home so they can go over their recommendations and the available rebates immediately after completing tests.  Many consultants do schedule audits on Saturdays.

Q: How do I know if I need an audit?
A: If your home has hot and cold spots or rooms, if a draft is often present, or if you have abnormally high heating bills, a home energy audit could be advantageous.

Q: Are there any programs for low-income individuals?
A: Yes, Focus on Energy offers a “Targeted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR” program for eligible low-income individuals.  Visit www.focusonenergy.com for more details.  Targeted Home Performance program participants receive a FREE energy audit and pay only 10% of the cost of improvements.  Targeted Home Performance program participants are ineligible for the City’s rebate program.

Q: My address says Green Bay.  Do I qualify?
A: Only residents WITHIN CITY LIMITS are eligible for the City’s program.  If you vote for Green Bay elected officials and pay your property taxes to the City of Green Bay, you are most likely eligible.  If you have a rental property in City limits but as an owner you live outside of the City, you are still eligible.  Houses in the Villages of Howard, Ashwaubenon, Bellevue, Allouez, etc. are not eligible for the City’s $200 rebate program. However you may still conduct home energy audits, and we encourage you to do so. 

Q: Where do I send my application?
A: Pre-approvals can be done over the phone in a matter of minutes.  Please call Danny at (920) 448-3028 or Jennifer at (920) 448-3006 to be pre-approved.  If you prefer to send an application, it can be sent by:

  1. Email: danielmu@greenbaywi.gov
  2. Fax: (920)448-3081  Attention: Danny
  3. Mail:   City Hall, c/o Sara Bruesewitz, 100 N Jefferson Street, Room 200, Green Bay, WI 54301-5026
  4. Drop off:  City Hall (address above), Room 200 on the second floor