Navarino Neighborhood

Sustainable Green Bay’s (SGB) first neighborhood partnership is with the Navarino Neighborhood. With the neighborhood, SGB hopes to infuse the three principals of sustainability (environment, economy, and social equity) into projects that directly affect residents in the Navarino Neighborhood.

 We are open to ideas. Please attend a SGB meeting or ask the Navarino Neighborhood Association how you can get involved.

 Navarino Neighborhood Association:


2 Responses to Navarino Neighborhood

  1. On November 13, 2010, Sustainable Green Bay and Navarino Neighborhood Associaton held their kick-off event called LIVING LOCAL IN NAVARINO NEIGHBORHOOD FESTIVAL! The event was a great success and engaged interest from Navarino residents to become involved with the committee and the initiatives planned for the neighborhood.

    Thanks to all who stopped by!

  2. Stephanie Kortbein says:

    I think this website has some interesting resources for making land more friendly for our birds which appeals to me as someone who uses our city parks. It might be an option for a feature in the children’s educational garden that was mentioned in the survey for Navarino Park.
    Thanks for your time!

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