Our History

The cornerstone of Mayor Jim Schmitt’s administration has been “Building a Brighter Green Bay,” and working each day toward that goal.  In that same vein, the Sustainable Green Bay Initiative is a collaboration of business leaders, government officials, non-profit organizations and citizens formed by the Mayor and committed to making Green Bay a more vibrant, resource-efficient and sustainable community.  Sustainable Green Bay is dedicated to planning and implementing action in environmental and educational programs that strengthen our economy, ecology and community culture for all people of today and future generations.

It has been said for years that despite all of Green Bay’s resources, from its waterfront to its professional sports team, the City’s greatest asset is its people.  We celebrate a culture in this city that embraces pride, diversity, initiative, family togetherness and fun.  City residents take an active interest in the environment and the strength of their neighborhood.  From participation in neighborhood cleanups and environmental events like Leave Your Car At Home Day or the Change 5 Lightbulb Challenge, to preservation efforts like the Baird Creek Parkway, citizens recognize the important role of quality natural resources in their daily lives and provide creative ideas and labor to make positive things happen in our community.

We have more than seventy City parks and more than a dozen neighborhood associations that pitch in to maintain and beautify them.  Our Working In Neighborhoods (WIN) initiative upgrades City housing stock, community appearance and energy efficiency.  We’re turning an old landfill into a baseball field complex.  We have a waterfront redevelopment and boardwalk plan that enhances greenspace, restores wetlands and improves water quality, and we’ve found taxpayer savings through energy efficiency.

As we realize that our economy and environment are interdependent and that sustainable practices are just smart business, the time has never been better to examine the myriad opportunities available to this City to keep us heading in the right direction.  For the past two decades, the City of Green Bay has led Brown County in new home construction, and the City’s industrial parks are filling rapidly.  As Green Bay reactivates its riverfront, it has become clear to City officials and developers alike that all new City construction requires thoughtful planning and environmental caution. 

By following this committee’s recommendations, this City can take advantage of new and emerging technologies to bring jobs and tax base to Green Bay, find efficiencies, attract and retain young professionals, develop resources responsibly, provide incentives for energy savings and new growth, beautify our neighborhoods, and set the tone for responsible stewardship across the entire region.