The First Sustainable Green Bay Garden Tour!

The first Sustainable Green Bay Community Garden Tour was held on July 29, 2011. It was organized by the Food and Local Health Committee.

The first garden that was visited was Tsyunhehkwa (joon-hey-qwa) Community Garden, located just off Highway 54 in Oneida. The group learned that the Tsyunhehkwa gardens were started in 1999, they are open to the public (tribal and non-tribal) and they have about 15 sites. Plots are rented out by season, for a cost of $15.00, water is delivered on a regular basis and the lawn is mowed.  Tsyunhehkwa is an organic garden, and these gardening techniques are required. The use of GMOs or treated seeds is prohibited. Gardeners are encouraged to sell at the Oneida Farmer’s Market on Thursdays, located at the Oneida One Stop on Highway 54. A community cannery is also available (for a small fee) to put away food for future use.

The second garden that was visited was Seymour Park Community Garden, where the catch phrase is “Everything we grow is shared with the community!” The Seymour Community Garden is sponsored by the Seymour Park Neighborhood Association. On two city lots, the Seymour Park Community Garden grows vegetables that are donated to local food pantries, community residents and children in the park. The Seymour Park Community Garden partners with the Green Bay Park and Recreation Department to teach children in the neighborhood about gardening, nutrition and civic engagement. The garden relies heavily on volunteer involvement and the food is shared with local food pantries.

The third garden visited was the University Avenue Community Garden, located on a city lot on University Avenue between Golden House and St. George Street. The University Avenue Community Garden included traditional ground level plots as well as raised boxes to accommodate the accessibility needs of local residents. In partnership with the Three Corners Neighborhood Association, Norbertine Volunteer Community and local residents, the garden combines leased and community growing opportunities. Produce is currently shared among participating residents, Golden House residents and those who express a need. The garden received grants from the Lowe foundation and the St. Norbert Business Student Organization for materials for the raised beds; and the neighboring Norbertine Volunteer Community supplies the water.

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Spotted! Green Bay, Take a Step!

Green Bay Take A Step posters at the Brown County Library!

The City of Green Bay won a marketing campaign back in May of this year. Here are the posters displayed in the Brown County Library! Look for them all around our city displayed in local businesses! Remember, small steps lead to big change!

See the Green Bay, Take a Step tab above for more details!

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Envrionmental Justice Week

The City of Green Bay, along with Sustainable Green Bay and Young Neighbors in Action promoted eco-friendly education and awareness with sustainability events from June 20-23, 2011 during Environmental Justice Week. The group of students came from both Indiana and Texas. They worked in the Seymour Community Garden, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Walnut Street Bridge. They also delivered posters in local businesses around the Green Bay to promote our Green Bay, Take a Step Marketing Campaign. At the end of the week the student volunteers put together a video showcasing what they learned about the environment while in Green Bay. Please view the video below! .
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3rd annual Bay Care Clinic Commuter Challenge!

On Tuesday, June 7, 2011 Sara Bruesewitz (City of Green Bay’s Sustainability Assisstant) along with Jennifer Pollitt (Mayor Jim Schmitt’s Cheif of Staff) kayaked to work to promote a more sustainable means of transportation! BayCare Clinic sponsored the event. Dr. Paul Summerside was in attendace as well and said, “The BayCare Clinic Commuter Challenge was developed in 2009 to encourage area employees to use non gas-powered alternatives for work commutes, with the simple motivation to start a healthier lifestyle evolution and reduce greenhouse emissions.”

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Eco-Block Party

Here are a few pictures from Green Bay’s Eco-block party on April 30th, 2011!!

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City Building gets Energy Audit

The Joannes Community Policing Center underwent an Energy Audit this week.  Significant icicles/ice dams are signs of an inefficient building.  Sure enough, the audit showed several spots needing improvements.  Air sealing and adding insulation are at the top of the list.  The City will be using part of it’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funds to help seal the policing center, thereby reducing air leakage and energy waste.  Stay tuned for improvements completed and utility bill savings established!

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Thank you for your interest in Sustainable Green Bay- a taskforce comprised of city staff, residents and environmental experts all devoted to helping secure a sustainable future for the City of Green Bay community.

Sustainable Green Bay welcomes new members and encourages the community to become involved in this initiative.  If you would like to join, please attend a subcommittee or full commitee meeting.  Click on “Meetings” above for the 2011 meeting schedule.

Sustainable Green Bay invites you to look around this website and learn more about what you can do individually to help your community and environment.

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