Strategic Objectives- 2011

Strategic Objectives
(For the next twelve months)

Educate and Influence

We will hold a major public outreach event that increases awareness and educates community businesses, interested citizens, city staff, and elected officials in the principles and application of sustainability.

Educate city staff in the principles and application of sustainability.

Educate younger people in the principles and application of sustainability.  Visit Nicolet elementary school.

We will have an enhanced website and web presence.

Share resources and knowledge by identifying and gathering together the resources that can be applied to creating a sustainable Green Bay.

Measure Progress and Recognize Achievements

In every effort, project, or committee program of the Sustainability Committee, we will establish a metric including baseline and measurable goals.

We will establish base line measurements for sustainability in several key areas, benchmarking off of other state, national and global communities’ best practices.  Energy audit from December of 2009 will be starting point for baseline.

We will establish short and long term tactics for improvement.  We will recognize the achievements of organizations and individuals who help us achieve performance excellence.

Develop an annual report of committee actions and projects and use it as a starting point for update of strategic plan.

Foster Interaction and Facilitate Collaboration

We will set a goal of one Natural Step study circle being conducted with interested city staff and city elected officials.

We will set a goal of two Natural Step study circles being conducted with interested community members.

Identify opportunities to have ad-hoc membership with governmental, business, and non-profit/NGO organizations that touch sustainability.

Create a collaboration tool that helps the Committee respond to new ideas and the actions in this strategic plan.  This tool should identify a process that helps move ideas toward implementation.  It should identify people to talk to (city officials, committee members, etc.) and potential funding options.

Community Engagement

Recruit additional individuals and partners.

Increase awareness and presence.  Web site. Logo. Tag line.